Katie Cross Ghostwriting

I help entrepreneurs save time by ghostwriting and launching high-quality non-fiction books.

Why Ghostwriting?


The power of words is undeniable.


You want to present your thought leadership, but you don’t have the time to draft a 50,000 word (or more) manuscript. Not to mention the energy or connections to create a pristine product that will represent your business with a professionalism you deserve.


I’m here to make sure you aren’t alone.


I want to help you create a stunning book that connects people to you through your ideas. Together, we can—and will—empower others to discover themselves. Share your expertise (in your own voice), and get there faster without the stress, overwhelm, and learning curve that writing a book requires. Your audience would never be the same without you.


You owe it to them.

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“Working with Katie has been amazing. She has been incredibly professional throughout the time we worked together. I couldn’t be happier.”


—Ghostwriting Client Amir

“I knew I was in good hands with Katie from our very first conversation. She’s the Yoda of writing! Her ability to diagnose the problematic areas of my story—along with her skillful coaching—taught me more about storytelling than years of writing classes. Ultimately, she helped me shape my story into the narrative I was always hoping to tell.”

—Tonia Davidson

Katie Cross Ghostwriting

Meet Katie

Empowering others is my jam.


My single mom raised me to always believe in myself. Marrying a man in the military taught me what I was really capable of. Birthing two children (and, let’s face it, keeping them alive) has shown me the depths my heart can reach. But it’s writing—and the power of books—that has shown me who I am. I want that for everyone.


When I’m not changing the world for other people through the power of story, I’m hiking in the mountains of my Colorado home, or chasing the five loves of my life (2 kiddos, 3 dogs) and drooling over my husband.

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