Your Launch Team List

Your Launch Team is a critical piece of your launch—and it can also be done in chunks, and slowly over time. Don’t feel as if you have to overwhelm yourself with picking everyone all at once. Each task below can be broken apart (and some can be done by VA’s!)

This gives you a starting point on what to do next.

—Make a list of people you think would be superfans or want to recruit their help.

—Create a Facebook group.

—Create a banner for your Facebook group (we use Canva) and upload it.

—Write a description for the group that reflects your brand and your book.

—Set up a new email list with your email service provider.

—Create your Google Form for applications. (We’ve created a template here.)

—Set your launch goal for books sold and reviews generated.

—Email your wish list of people the application.

—Post the application on social media. Share it to your email list. Talk about it on Youtube, IG, etc.

—Go through the applications. Sort them by those who are most excited about you and your book (don’t want any freeloaders!) Don’t be afraid to be selective.

—Put those you’ve accepted into your email list and Facebook group.

—Start engaging them in the book production process!

Any questions? You know where to find us.

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