Writing Retreat


Starting at $9,999 for 3 days


Are you busy—but ready to get your book started?


Maybe you get energy from other people, or a book is on your project list, but you aren’t quite sure how to start it, or you’re overwhelmed with the idea of doing it alone. No matter what reason, a writing retreat is an escape from your every day life. It’s guaranteed focus time on your project and your vision.


Whether I fly out to you, or you fly out to me, we’ll meet up and focus on your ideas. Together, we’ll work through questions, concerns, mindset issues, content gathering, and pressing decisions. We can start implementing your ideas into a thorough, cohesive table of contents, or  simply work through all the concepts in your mind and find the best one. Let’s deep dive into your content and work off each other’s creative ideas to sculpt the best book for your audience. Want to see what it will look like? I’ll create a sample chapter for you. Want more details? Let’s meet with members of my team over a video call and discuss production details.


Not only will we get stuff done, but you’ll get a break from real life. No worrying about meals or where you’re going to stay—I got your back. It’s time to relax, talk about your vision, and let me take care of the rest.


By the end of our three days together, you’ll know exactly what you want, have the beginnings of an epic book, and leave with the confidence of knowing that all the biggest decision points are far behind you.


You never need to do this alone.


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