Strategy Session




This is a 45 minute, 1:1 video chat where we explore your ideas, questions, and needs. You’ll walk away with a plan that will set you up for success. This is a great option for anyone that isn’t quite ready to write their book, but needs help moving forward through structural/writing issues, publishing questions, financial planning, or mindset blocks.


Who Needs a Strategy Session?


Get your questions answered. Strategy Sessions are most effective when you have a lot of questions—and answering them would take a lot of time, research, and uncertainty. Instead of spending hours surfing the internet, I can give you streamlined advice from an experienced author / publisher / business person and make sure it’s tailored to your situation.


Create your plan. A lot of people come to me with ideas, but no idea how to implement. (Or maybe they need a little bit of time to save up for working together.) A Strategy Session is a great way to lay out all your ideas, then use my brain to start organizing it into possible content clusters. (Or chapters, if you prefer.) This is ideal for people that want to start creating content for a book without having to commit to the book yet yourself.


Ask your mentor. Do you have a mentor you want to run this idea by? Maybe you’ve paid for a time slot with them and want to make sure you know exactly what idea you have.  A Strategy Session with me can help you hone the purpose of your book, your goal, and get you on your feet.


Plan your launch. You don’t have to buy one of my packages to work with me. In fact, I love working with launch-only clients through Strategy Sessions because geeking out over that stuff is a blast. If you’ve written your own book (or employed a ghostwriter that didn’t offer a fully inclusive package), a Strategy Session with me can set out a plan for your most successful launch. We’d talk about stacking your launch team with the right people, using my calculator to figure out exactly how many books you need to sell in order to make your investment back, and how to successfully run Facebook ads for launching.


Figure out which book to write first. Some people come to me with loads of ideas that would all be perfect, but picking which one (and how to get started) is the hardest part.


Write your own book. A lot of clients buy into my Self Written package, which puts them as the author and me as the mentor. Maybe you don’t even want a mentor to be accountable to every week, but every now and then you just need to pop in and ask questions, get validation, or know all the publishing options so you can do this yourself. A Strategy Session is perfect for that.