Self Written Package


Starting at $12,999


The Self Written Package takes everything from the production package, and let’s you write your own book.


With my guidance, of course.




In six to eight months, I’ll teach you how to take your ideas, put them on paper, then help you create a stunning masterpiece to share with your platform. One could call me a super editor—which is definitely my super-power—but writing mentor, accountability partner, or book-production-yoda works too. Weekly video chats ensure that this project keeps going.


Mindset Support


Having a hard time with mindset issues? Think this isn’t your place to write this book? I got your back. Together we’ll banish your mindset issues so you can get your message out and start changing the world. There are people waiting for you.




Writing a book is a lonely process. Don’t go at this alone. There will be moments when you think you can’t do this. When you think it’ll never happen, or no one will buy it, or you don’t even know where to go next. That’s okay. I’m here at your side to give you the next step forward.




My unique 5 Phase Production process applies to this package too—we’ll have firm deadlines, structure you know ahead of time, and the opportunity to communicate with me anytime you need it. I provide editing for each draft, and help in the meantime too. My team is at your side to produce your beautiful book once we’re done. Not only will you write and sculpt your own masterpiece, but you’ll learn a lot about yourself and your audience while you’re doing it.


What feels better than your book in your hands after a lot of hard work?


Trust me—not much.


Self Written Package Includes:


—My 5 Phase Production Process, complete with 4 drafts of writing and guided instruction by through each draft


—Weekly video chats


—Unlimited email support


—Access to all my training videos


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Check out the Overview page for a detailed breakdown of what each step of my 5 Phase Production writing process entails, or book a call with me to get an inside look on my secret-sauce that streamlines your ideas to a finalized book in six months or less.

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