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So you’re feeling a bit raw, frightened, and unsure whether you’ve done (or can do) the right thing.

You’re not alone.

Publishing a book (whether the first or tenth) is a frightening project. You’re putting your squishy heart out on the chopping block for anyone to critique. I hear a lot of clients say, “I can’t take this one back.” Imposter syndrome often rears its ugly head. “Why me? Why should I write this book when others have something so similar and they say it better than me?”

Well . . . why NOT you?

How do you know that you’re not going to say it differently, and in a way that will resonate with someone that no one else could reach?

Who are you to say that you won’t change the world?

Ways to Deal with the Vulnerability of Publishing.

Talk it out. If you’re a client and you came here to get some help and validation, schedule a call with me right now. Let’s talk about why you’re spinning and how we can find steadier ground. If you’re not yet a client, find a friend, sign up for a Discovery Call, or sit down with Fido. Start talking. The fears are often far bigger in our heads.

Silence Your Mean Voice by finding really awesome books, podcasts, or blog posts that help you figure out how. Being kind to yourself is a skill. One worthy of investment.

Take a Deep Breath. This fear is going to pass. It may not pass tonight, or tomorrow, or next week, but it will. I know how scary this is—which is why I’ve created this work. I’m here to show you just how you’ll change the world. You’ll never see it on your own. I got your back.

Pinpoint the Actual Fear. Are you afraid of not making your money back? Of bad reviews? Of failing? Or making so much money you don’t know what to do with it? Or your partner being resentful of the time this takes you? Get to the actual fear—not what it’s showcasing as—so you can combat the emotions with facts.

Bad Reviews are Not About You. Bad reviews are all about you, not the customer. Don’t put your eyes on them. Don’t even plan to put your eyes on them. If you have to, recruit someone else to look through the reviews and see if there are glaring needs. If not, chalk it up to opinions, and move on.

Remember Your Audience. Who is your avatar? Who is the person that has the problem you can solve—and desperately needs you to help them? Picture them in your minds eye. Visualize how you can change their entire world, then make it happen.

Visualize Your Success. Sit your butt down and see yourself winning. Picture your launch sales climbing, your marketing efforts drowning in response, your email inbox piling sky high with stories of how you changed their lives.

Want More Information?

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