More Info on Time Requirements with a Ghostwriter

Writing a book is no joke.

It takes a lot of work and iterations to figure out just what you want to say—and how you’re going to say it. Not to mention edits and content gathering and making sure that #allthethings are just what you want. The big question that pops up here is just how long do I need to give to this process?

Great question.

Time Requirements


  1. If I am writing your book as a ghostwriter, plan on a lot of your time being spent in answering emails and editing. Edits come about every 3-4 weeks, and you have 2 weeks to finalize them. In that 2 week timeframe, plan for 10-20 hours of time on the draft. In between that, most our communication is via email, but video chats are available
  2. If you are writing your book and I’m providing guidance, plan on 10-25 hours for 4 week chunks at a time. The two weeks following, I will be reading through and making suggested edits—that’s a great time to take a total break.
  3. The production phase (Phase 5) is the most time intensive in terms of emails and decisions. I’ll be working closely with my team to avoid you the hassle, but most decisions come your way. Most of my clients say that this is the most decision-laden part of the process.
  4. On average, for ghostwriting clients, expect to communicate with me via email around once a week during the process, although that may wax or wane throughout.
  5. If you’ve chosen the audiobook add-on option, and you are narrating your own audiobook, plan on up to 25 additional hours of work. You can start narrating your audiobook at the beginning of the production phase.
  6. Launch is an ongoing part of the entire process, so some of the 1-2 hours per week that I ask you to set aside directly correlates back to also planning and preparing to launch.


Any questions? You know where to find me.



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