More Info on Launch Planning

Launching a book can look however you want it to look.

Big, small, short, long, drawn-out, enjoyable.

But there are a few things to start thinking about from the beginning. You may not need to take action yet all this yet, but at least be aware of it. Let it stew in that beautiful subconscious mind of yours.

In fact, here’s a checklist of things to think about now:

Website: Do you need a new website for the book, or will you piggyback off a current one? Depending on your current brand and business structure, I often recommend getting a new website. At the very least, you’re going to need a landing page. Making sure you have time (or someone else to hire) to do website stuff will take a lot of your plate.

Launch Size: Decide how big you want your launch to be. Are you going to throw an in-person party? Announce it at a live event? Run some book signings? Sign up for speaking events? (Or do all of these—and yes, some people do).

Book Distribution: Do you plan to distribute it to all retailers? (Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, etc) Or just to Amazon? Click here to learn more about exclusivity with Amazon.

Launch Supporters: Are there people in your life that will help you support the launch? If so, start making a list. If you have a platform, start talking about your book (unless it’s going to be a surprise). See who comes out of the woodwork as a super fan that could help you later.

If you have any questions, you know where to find us. If you’re a client, you’ve probably already done your launch call, but if you haven’t, let’s get it scheduled now.

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