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Goodreads is kind of a mixed bag for authors.

For fiction authors, we always recommend you create an author profile, put your books up when they’re ready to launch, then politely step away and don’t do much more. Fiction readers congregate there all the time.

For non-fiction authors, you can make an argument either way. Yes, non-fiction readers use Goodreads. It’s a powerful place because it aggregates reviews and allows book lovers to congregate. But it’s not quite as necessary for non-fiction authors.

Still, we recommend you put your book on Goodreads because even if you don’t congregate there, your reader might.

Here’s some help and advice for Goodreads:

Disconnect accounts. Goodreads is owned by Amazon, so disable any of your social media accounts that may be linked to them. For example, if you log into Goodreads through Facebook or Twitter, stop allowing permissions. They can access your friends list and cull reviews on your Amazon page later.

Trust us—they will.

Do not engage. There will be people that don’t like your book. That’s fine. It’s not your job to convince them. So if you see a bad review, laugh it off with a friend, ignore it, or go for a run. DO NOT attempt to convince them otherwise.

Giveaways. Goodreads offers an opportunity to do giveaways. Results are a mixed bag. Some people report success, but our experience has been less-than-exciting. Not only is it extremely hard to track, but there’s no real benefit to the author. If you want to offer online giveaways through an engine such as this, we’d suggest Amazon Giveaways. You can giveaway copies of your ebook for free if people follow you there, which would set you up for success on later launches (because Amazon emails anyone that follows you when you publish again.)

Goodreads Librarians. Don’t try to figure out Goodreads on your own if you mess up. Go right to the Librarians group and as them to fix any issues (like two copies of your book that need to be merged, which happens if someone else puts up a copy of your book before you do.)

Author Dashboard. Watch this short Loom video for a quick tour. You’ll want to sign up as an author on Goodreads, so this will give you a quick overview of what it looks like, plus the data it can track for you.

Adding Your Book. Check out this Loom video for how to add your book to Goodreads. (It’s super easy.)

Any questions? You know where to find us.

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