More Info on Content Gathering

So we’re just about to work together.

I guarantee you—I’m excited for this. Hopefully you are too.

But first, let’s prepare you to prepare. Ghostwriting a book, and subsequently producing an e-book, paperback, launch, and audiobook is fraught with things to do. Getting started on the right foot will be key.

Content Gathering and Organization.


  1. Organize yourself in Google Drive. Even if you hate it. Everything that we will do will happen through the Drive—that way a computer crash won’t decimate our timeline or content. If you already have everything there when we start, we’re that much closer.
  2. Organize yourself by content. Let’s say you’re writing a book about women making a living from an online business titled, Busy Mom’s Get ‘Er Done. You already know a few ideas you have. Create documents (or folders, depending on what kind of content you already have) and label them based on the idea. Copy/paste your content into the document, or put it into the folder. A few titles may look like this:
    1. Setting Family Boundaries for the Working Mom
    2. When to Stop Working
    3. How to Minimize Distractions
    4. Childcare options
  3. Organize yourself by media. Let’s say you have a podcast, too, and you have episodes on every topic you created a document/folder for. Upload an audio file of the podcast episodes in the corresponding folder. I have a transcription program, so I will have them transcribed (unless you already have transcribed copies). Do you have YouTube videos? Go ahead and paste the link in your document/folder (a doc in the folder) that says links.
  4. Organize yourself by idea. You may not want to create a document or folder for every idea because you aren’t really sure that idea is going to need an entire chapter. That’s okay. Create a Brainstorming folder/document for things to go that you like, but aren’t sure about.
  5. Organize yourself by articles. Let’s say that the Busy Mom’s Get ‘er Done blog has a lot of articles. You can create a document titled blog articles that has the title of the post hyperlinked to the post (so we can click and get right there—in this endeavor, command + K is your friend) or you can copy/paste individual articles into the right folders. For example, your folder and the corresponding articles may look like this:
    1. Childcare Options
      1. Leave ’em with Grandma and Grandpa
      2. Invest in a Hard Labor Company
      3. Hire a Nanny
  6. Organize yourself by comment. When you’re going through your content to decide what you want or like, don’t be afraid to use the comment button to make notes. You might say I like this sentence because it really embodies this chapter or I hate this, please don’t use it or I think there’s an idea here, but I’m not sure what it is or Would this fit better in chapter 3 or chapter 14? That way, I get a peek into your brain and we’re both on the same page.


At this phase, it’s key to remember that nothing has to be perfect. It doesn’t even have to be pretty. When we’re gathering content, we’re preparing to figure out what we want to say. You don’t need to know everything right now. 

The best thing you can do is gather the content / ideas that really appeal to you. I want stuff that warms your little pea-pickin’ heart. I want you to smile when you think about working on it. Go where you’re drawn, and we’ll flush the rest out together when we chat.

Any questions? You know where to find me.

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