Manuscript Only


Starting at $24,995


Do you have a publisher that wants your book? Or an agent that wants to talk more with you? Maybe you have big ideas and a big platform—and you want to see if you can get a big bite from traditional publishing before you do it yourself.


Let’s do it.


Manuscript Only Package Includes:


—My 4 phase production process that gets you a targeted, strategic manuscript in four months.


—Weekly calls (if needed).


—Content gathering or interviews to get your ideas, your voice, and put them on paper.


—Professional proofread for a pristine finish.


My four-phase process ensures a focused book that’s professionally proofread and ready for you to send to your agent or publisher. In four months, we’ll take your ideas, your content, and all your voice and make you a book that’s sure to grab the highest bidder.


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Check out the Overview page for a detailed breakdown of what each step of the Manuscript Only writing process entails, or book a call with me to get an inside look on my secret-sauce 4 phase production process that streamlines your ideas to a finalized manuscript in five months or less.

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