Ghostwriting with me is a commitment.


I get it.


That’s why I want to make sure we have the tools to make this project 1000%. Are you considering working with me but aren’t sure having a ghostwriter is right for you?


Ask yourself these questions:


Am I already busy running a business / family / home / marriage (or all of these)?


Do I have a lot of content, but don’t know what to do with it?


Do I have a lot of ideas—maybe not content—but organizing them into something cohesive is intimidating?


Do I have a family that needs me and I can’t possibly sacrifice any more time away from them?


Is the thought of writing a book overwhelming?


Do I want to get my thought leadership into the world?


Am I afraid that my writing isn’t good enough?


Do I want to maximize my reach?


Am I filled with anxiety when looking at a blank page?


Am I looking to gain more exposure, a deeper audience, and see my impact on the world grow?


Am I motivated to change the world?


Am I determined to expand my business—but don’t have the energy?



If you answered yes to any of these, let’s talk. I can remove the burden of writing and publishing your book, streamlining the process so that you only need to show up when it’s really needed.