Ghostwriting Package


Starting at $24,999



Completed, professionally edited manuscript with my unique 5 Phase Production process.


This is your book: you want it to be in your voice. My 5 Phase Production process guarantees that the book sounds and looks just like you and your brand. A professional copy edit from Quill Pen Editorial assures high level editing to wipe out errors and present the cleanest product on the market.


Printed paperback with interior


Our paperbacks are highly professional, put together by a curated team with individual jobs and talents, without you having to find people to trust. Your book will be indistinguishable from other traditional publishers—if not far better.


Finalized e-books (mobi and ePUB files)


Our ebooks are highly stylized—right down to little details like link color, drop letters at the beginning of chapters, banners between sections, and color graphics, guaranteed to make your audience feel special. Why have an e-book that looks like everyone else?


Cover design for ebook, paperback, audiobook


My award-winning graphic designer knows the market—that means your book is designed to catch attention and sell to the right people. There’s no overestimating the power of a book cover to expand your influence and bring the right people to you.


Launch planning assistance


Maximize your sales ranking and exposure on launch day. We’ll review strategies pertinent to your book so you can launch it knowing you’re finding the right people and earn back your investment.


Unlimited access to training videos for using the retailer platforms.


Ready to break out on your own and manage this book by yourself? Of course you are. With my training videos, you’ll have peace of mind and confidence navigating all the little aspects of having a published book.



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