Audiobook Add Ons


Starting at $2,999


According to Forbes, audiobooks are the 2018 publishing industry’s trend and saw almost 23% growth in revenue in 2018. It’s easier than ever to consume your favorite books by listening to them. As entrepreneurs, audiobooks can help you optimize your reach faster. Our audiences are busy.


Help them help themselves.


Record your own audiobook to reach even more members of your audience, and let my team take care of the rest. We offer assistance getting started, editing of the final files, uploading to retailers, as well as launch assistance.


Audiobooks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This is an easy diversification option that pays big dividends in the long term. If exposure is your goal, you don’t want to miss this chance.


Audiobook Add Ons:

#1 : Self Editing Audiobook ($2,999)


In this add on, you will utilize your own audio editor to create the final voice files for you. Once that’s done, we’ll take it from there.


You can rest assured that your audio book will be mistake free. You won’t have to hassle with uploading. We’ll handle creating a customized, streamlined launch plan for your audiobook with this add on. We’ll work on getting you free codes to give to your audience, talk about ways to maximize audiobook exposure, and make a plan to use your already existing audience for an awesome launch.


—One hour long call with my audiobook editor to discuss voice narration skills, set up, and any questions moving forward.


—Proofing of the final files provided by you


—Upload to retailers of your choice. (over 15 available)


—Strategic launch planning to maximize your initial exposure


#2 : Self Narration Audiobook ($4,999)


Get everything from the first add on, but without having to do the editing yourself.


—On signing the contract, we’ll set up 3 calls with my audiobook editor. The first call happens during phase 2 of the production process. Get 1:1 advice for type of microphone, the best spot in your house, and how to start practicing. You’ll send sample audio files throughout this process to get feedback, so when the book goes into production, you are ready to record your book.


—Editing of the final files.


—Proofing of the final files.


—Upload to retailers of your choice. (over 15 available)


—Strategic launch planning to maximize your initial exposure


#3 : Voice Actor Audiobook ($7,999)


Don’t want to narrate your own audiobook—but you really want to have one? No problem. There’s an add on for that.


The Voice Actor Add On ensures that you’ll get a professional voice actor and audiobook without doing the auditions yourself. Not only will I start auditions, but I’ll narrow down to only the best voice actors before you give approval, cutting the time you have to invest in this part of the process. We’ll focus on details of the actor’s voice, their nuance, and the way they speak. No detail is too small.


This package also includes:


—Proofing of the final files.


—Upload to retailers of your choice. (over 15 available)


—Strategic launch planning to maximize your initial exposure


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