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Having an idea for a book isn’t enough.


You need to have a proposal.


You also need to know why your book is better than others, what the selling points are, and how it would be structured. In today’s competitive non-fiction market, you need to stand above the rest in order to get the right agent’s attention. Unfortunately, a non-fiction book proposal can take months to write, and can be anywhere from 25-50 pages long if sample chapters are included. Even if you’ve already written the book, you still need the proposal!


That’s where we can help.


Take the stress of selling your book to agents off your shoulders through the Agent Proposal package. Through Zoom calls with me and my team, we’ll ask you all the right questions, work with you to sculpt a perfect Table of Contents, and dive deep into your platform to help you create the perfect proposal. If you don’t have your book written yet—great! We’ll start creating the structure of a sure-fire winner.


Proposal Add On #1: Write the Proposal ($999)


Don’t get lost in the details—you have a business to run. Let us write and sculpt your perfect proposal. By the time we’re finished, we’ll have a sparkling, strategically lined proposal crafted to find you the right agent. (Because you don’t want just any agent.)


Proposal Add On #2: Proposal and Agent List ($1,499)


Not only will you get a streamlined proposal that’s ready to line agents up at your door, but we’ll generate an agent list that’s pertinent to your topic and audience. Forgo days of research and let us do the dirty work. You’ll walk away with the completed proposal and an online spreadsheet with the agent names, contact information, and detailed submission requirements.


Proposal Add On #3: Proposal, Agent List, and Submissions ($1,999)


Don’t have time to do it all? No worries. We’ve got your back. Not only will we sculpt you the perfect proposal and curate a respective agent list, but we’ll send out the proposals for you for up to 50 agents. You can sit back and relax—or get back to that busy life you need to lead—while we keep your non fiction business goals moving forward one agent at a time.


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